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Zeddy Will Takes Over TikTok with "Freak You" Remix featuring 2Rare and Kenzo B

In the world of music and TikTok, Zeddy Will is the name on everyone's lips. The young prodigy has been making waves, and not just on the streets but also in the digital realm, with his hit single "Freak You." The buzz escalated when celebrities like Kim Kardashian, North West, and Coi Leray joined the TikTok frenzy, creating over 700 user-generated videos for the track.

Zeddy dropped "Freak You" in collaboration with DJ Smallz 732 in July, and since then, the track has found its way onto Billboard charts, cementing its status as a viral sensation. Now, Zeddy has amplified the heat with the official remix, featuring the dynamic energy of 2Rare and Kenzo B.

The music video, expertly directed by Matt Coole, kicks off with a cinematic glimpse into Zeddy's world as he visits his girlfriend's place, engaging in a comical conversation with her grandfather about his entertaining past. As the storyline unfolds in the living room, 2Rare and Kenzo B make their vibrant entrance, turning up the energy with lively verses that perfectly match the title, "Freak You."

Zeddy Will isn't just a rising star in music; he's a versatile content creator from New York, showcasing his authenticity across various platforms. From music to hosting events like the House of Hoops NYvsNY tournament at Dyckman Park and creating humorous skits, Zeddy brings his charismatic enigma everywhere he goes.

Recently gracing Howard University's homecoming in Washington DC, Zeddy is set to captivate the audience at Hot 97’s DJ Drewski & Friends concert in Rahway, New Jersey, this Sunday, October 29th, at the Union Center for Performing Arts.

The "You" remix is now available on all major platforms, and you can catch Zeddy Will, DJ Smallz 732, 2Rare, and Kenzo B on Instagram: @thezeddywill, @djsmallz732, @2raree, and @__kenzob.

Stay connected with the young sensation, Zeddy Will:

  • TikTok: @zeddywill

  • Instagram: @thezeddywill

  • YouTube: @Zeddywill

With 6.6 million TikTok followers and 311k on Instagram, Zeddy Will is not just an artist; he's a cultural force. Managed by Shawn Prez, known as "The Guy Who Makes It Happen" with Power Moves Incorporated (PMI), Zeddy is backed by a team that understands the pulse of authentic and innovative marketing programs reaching a multicultural audience.

Don't miss out on the TikTok sensation turned music maestro – follow Zeddy Will for an authentic and unfiltered musical journey!



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