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WHAT HAPPENED TO: 2nd Generation Wu?

Updated: Jan 13

And What's Next? (an In Depth Analysis of the 2nd Generation of Wu-Tang)

It was the end of 2019 when the world first got a glimpse into the sounds of the direct descendants of the Wu-Tang Clan dynasty, debatably known as 2nd generation Wu, these offspring come from some of the greatest HipHop artists of all time that formed the greatest group of all time . Unfortunately none of them could have foreseen what was to come. Just as their rocket had launched it was incinerated by the COVID-19 Pandemic. Intellectual entertainment, in collaboration with dock street records, had established a great plan that would’ve taken the newly formed family collective to new heights they hadn’t seen before during their solo endeavors.

{Latest & Probably last Release is a ReRelease of Their Only Album Together, With a Few Extra Tracks, Click Picture to Listen]

Their trajectory seemed on point, with their defacto leader iNTeLL (Son of U-GOD) making sure their was a steady stream of visual and audio content being delivered to the fans to keep them engaged. However, post pandemic “no army does one man make” , so with the guys all returning to their respective solo endeavors the future of 2nd Generation Wu is uncertain.

PXWER (Son of Method Man)

Posted online that he may or may not release music anymore, but it really doesn't seem to be in his heart any longer. Which is unfortunate since his father publicly announced with him at a show that they were working on an album together.

Sun God (Son of GhostFace Killah)

Seems to be like a lyrical phantom disappearing into HipHop like a haunted mansion, however his brother Supreme-Intelligence, was recently signed by their fathers label YAPP CITY.

Young Dirty Bastard (Son of O.D.B)

Continues to carve out his piece of the legacy alongside the Wu-Tang Clan as they head for a Las Vegas residency in tandem with this years Super Bowl festivities.

CHEY (Daughter of Method Man)

In the studio now working on her debut Album after many collaborations with her cousins and brothers.

To answer the question, what happened to 2nd Generation Wu?, well I would say circumstances that were unfavorable. In the end though, they made a dent in HipHop history albeit a small one but what they accomplished and established can not be taken away or forgotten.



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