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Why Artists Stay Broke

With These streaming Services available Artists seem to have broken free from the shackles of Label owners! In this modern day Everyone is capable of uploading music with just a few simple clicks and a Distrokid Membership. But are the artists really getting paid for the streams? Check this chart out below. This represents the dollar amount that each service pays per stream:

Spotify paid the artists $0.0032 per stream

Apple Music got the average rate of $0.0056

Google Play Music landed a $0.0055 payout rate

Deezer fell slightly lower at $0.00436

It is estimated that Apple pays around 0.0059 per stream ($0.008)... that means Apple pays more than Spotify, which is said to pay between $0.003 and $0.005 per stream. YouTube is claimed to pay the least, at $0.007, per stream. The figures don't make sense. It seems that the streaming services are giving artists a worse deal than labels!

This means that 100,000 Streams estimated royalties would be 437.00. One million streams, is only 4370.00. For most upcoming indie artists a million streams is a lot, but 4370 dollars isn't. Taking into account how much

Artists pay for promotion, studio time, mixing ,mastering, shooting a music video etc. They barely even break even.

This has led to countless "starving artists" being made in hopes that one day their music gets heard by the right person and they become a superstar! Unfortunately that's not the case for most artists.

In the next article we will teach you how to make money from your music without the help of labels or streaming services.

We will help you make more money than you ever would have streaming &Be your own Boss!

In the meantime, Upcoming rappers use this Tips from Smart Rapper aka Rob Level to make quick cash.

Research Gathered By Kvne Sativa



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