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Whos the Hottest in The City? Brooklyn Edition

D.Chamberz is becoming a different beast in the music industry. Not only has he started making big waves in the New York music scene, he's using his influence to help make way for upcoming artists in the Rap game.

Kvne Sativa pulled up to get an in depth experience with a VIP pass (provided by Soundbyte management & Chamberz) & provide real time media coverage for the concert. The Trappers Only Show, No Time 4 the Small Talk & Lamboy Productions put together an incredible event. Shoutout to DJ 5 Stacks for curating the music for the event all night!

With the famous DJ Drewski in attendance, the energy was electric and all of the artists brought their A game. Although he showed up late he paid thorough attention to all performers. He even took to the stage a few times to personally compliment the artists!

Through the night all of the artists would hop on stage with every performance uplifting one another and amping each other up. At one point the stage was rocking so hard it looked like it was going to collapse under the weight of the small militia that stood on top of it but it stood strong.

The range of artists was quite diverse but Drill seemed to be the popular sound of the night with Eighty Gee and Knuckles brim commandeering the wave. Despite some of the heavy hitters that performed, the female artists shook the room each time and commanded attention from the entire crowd. There was a no smoking policy but the place was filled with weed smoke because it was way too cold to go outside to smoke.

Besides the blistering cold, people still made their way out to support Chamberz concert & see New York's upcoming talent spitting fire. It was hard to figure out exactly who was the Hottest in the city because so many turned up! Everyone has their own opinions based on performance, lyrical ability & other things.

Throughout the night we had some notable performances and crowd favorites from Knuckles Brimm, Eighty Gee, Sanaa Lathann, Tnana Foreign and Spice Everything Nice, Am3rykan, TOG Killah, and more.

Amerykan took to the stage solo and injected the crowd with nuclear energy! Before his performance, we locked in with him back stage and found out that hes from Toronto & used to work with Tory Lanez. His notable performance landed him a meeting with a label representative that was attending the event. Stay tuned for our Upcoming interview with him and some of the other acts.

Superstar K.Goddess took to the stage and turned up the crowd, brimming with energy from her birthday the day before. She Had control of the crowd from the moment she stepped foot on stage. All eyes were on her. After paying homage to her dead homies, she killed the stage. Chamberz teamed up on stage with her to perform their new hit single "Dripping in Fashion". They showed the difference in caliber of performance when they took to the stage and the upcoming artists took notes.

Rising star Knuckles Brimm traveled to Brooklyn from upstate N.Y up put on show! He performed a few songs including his one of his most recent singles "Government". He took the stage screaming out his set Nd yelling whoopty in a room full of crips. This young king has Heart on stage and on the streets. Watching the growth of this artist will be quite interesting!

Chamberz was so pleased with the outcome of the event that by the end of the night he made the an announcement for an event thats free to perform! It was his Christmas gift to his fellow creatives that supported him that night. With such a great turn out, everyone is waiting for Chamberz to throw his next event potentially as early as December! Stay tuned to see what D.Chamberz and the rest of his team has up his sleeve in the upcoming months!


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