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Who is Staten Island Artist of the Year in 2023?

Updated: Dec 31, 2023

As the year wraps up, Staten Island's music scene is on fire, and local artists are hustling to claim the titles of Artist and Rookie of the Year. We've joined forces with Staten Island Artists LLC and Hit da Beat Ent to let the community crown their own hometown heroes! Check out the polls below featuring heavy-hitters like Celina Spliffs, Starda, BMC Smoove, and Flee Savage. We've curated polls to allow you, the audience, to choose the Artist & Rookie of the Year. Make your selection wisely, as you only get one vote to influence the destiny of these rising stars!

Who is Staten Islands Artist of the Year?

  • Celina Spliffs

  • Starda

  • BMC Smooth

  • Flee Savage


Who is Staten Islands Rookie of the year?

  • Don Hype

  • IZZY Lavish


  • T5 Da G


What Logo Should we use in 2024?

  • Classic Logo

  • New Logo Contender

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