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Who is Dontaé Hawkins? (aka iNTeLL)

Dontae Hawkins was born and raised in Staten Island, New York, also known as iNTeLL of 2nd Generation Wu, he is an international artist coming with a large discography. He's traveled to multiple countries touring and spreading the message of raw hip hop and keen lyricism.

He's also and incredible filmmaker With an educational background in film, this student of the art stays broadening his spectrum as a self sufficient enterprise for entertainment. Dontae is a survivor of a gun violence incident that altered his life in 1994 at the age of 2, this never changed his drive to overcome extreme challenges at such a young age.

The persistence to defeat these obstacles showed through Dontae's dedication of never giving up while enduring several surgeries and years of physical therapy to learn to walk again. Dontae pushed forward and wasted no time pursuing music and film directing. His positive attitude helped him achieve his goal and graduated with a BA in Film Studies from Long Island University.

Withstanding the hardships put in Dontae's path gives his life meaning and a purpose to be successful, not only trailblazing behind the camera but as an actor in front of the lens. He's a true entertainer spewing passion with every move and a definite act you won't want to miss.

You can catch him showing off his acting abilities in Donald Glover's (Childish Gambino) new Amazon Series Mr. & Mrs. Smith Available Now on Amazon Prime.



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