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Dizzle Raw on Crip Culture in Brownsville, Do You HAVE to Get Jumped In? (Part 1)

🏙️ Exploring Brownsville: Embark on a journey through the heart of Brownsville with Dizzle Raw. In Part 1, get an insider's perspective on the Crip culture in this iconic Brooklyn neighborhood. Dizzle Raw shares his experiences and insights, shedding light on a culture that's often misunderstood.

🤔💬 Myth or Reality - Jumping In? Dizzle Raw addresses a common question: Do you have to get jumped in to be part of the Crip culture? Join the conversation as he breaks down myths, shares personal anecdotes, and provides a nuanced understanding of the initiation process.

🔵👀 Behind the Blue: Gain a deeper understanding of the symbolism, traditions, and values that define Crip culture. Dizzle Raw opens up about the significance of being a part of this community and the challenges that come with it.

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