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Veeze Drops New Visuals for "Unreleased Leak"

Veeze, the enigmatic Detroit rapper, is making waves once again with the release of the music video for "Unreleased Leak." The track is part of the deluxe version of his critically acclaimed debut album, Ganger. The video showcases Veeze's unique style and features appearances by hip-hop heavyweights like Lil Baby, Future, and 42 Dugg. Watch the visuals here and witness the magic as Veeze continues to redefine the rap scene.

Ganger Deluxe: A Chart-Topping Success

Following the original release of Ganger, the deluxe version has taken the music world by storm, securing the #1 spot on the Billboard Heatseekers Chart. The album, which reached #97 on the Billboard Hot 200 Chart, has been met with critical acclaim from notable publications such as Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, and The Washington Post.

The Ganger Tour: Unprecedented Success

Veeze's Ganger Tour is nothing short of a triumph, with sold-out dates in major cities including New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Detroit, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C. The tour has become a hot ticket, drawing fans from all corners to experience Veeze's electrifying performances.

"Wake up. Veeze just dropped the year's best rap album." – Chris Richards, The Washington Post

What Critics Are Saying

The music industry's elite have not shied away from praising Veeze's prowess:

  • "Let’s talk about real music – Veeze, cult-hero, Detroit rapper... one of a big wave of Detroit guys putting out an insane amount of really special, really funny, really original music." – Jon Caramanica, The New York Times

  • "[Ganger is] a strong effort by an inimitable, effortlessly entertaining MC who’s mastered his world." – Andre Gee, Rolling Stone

  • "Veeze is a Swiss Army Knife, able to adapt his scratchy, unrushed delivery to any environment." – Matthew Ritchie, Pitchfork (8.0)

Ganger Deluxe Tracklist

The deluxe edition adds four new tracks to the original Ganger tracklist, including "Luv The Tour" and "Get Lucki." The album features collaborations with Lil Yachty, Lil Uzi Vert, LUCKI, Babyface Ray, and Icewear Vezzo, showcasing Veeze's versatility and musical genius.

Join the Ganger Experience

  • Watch the "Unreleased Leak" video: Watch Now

  • Listen to Ganger Deluxe: Listen Now

Connect with Veeze

Follow Veeze on social media for the latest updates, exclusive content, and behind-the-scenes glimpses:

  • Instagram: Veeze on Instagram

  • Twitter: Veeze on Twitter

  • SoundCloud: Veeze on SoundCloud

  • YouTube: Veeze on YouTube

  • Spotify: Veeze on Spotify

  • Apple Music: Veeze on Apple Music

About Veeze

Veeze, the Detroit rapper shrouded in mystery, has become a cult hero, captivating audiences with his experimental and ingenious approach to hip-hop. Breaking out with the 2019 mixtape Navy Wavy, Veeze has steadily gained recognition for his singles and collaborations, setting the stage for his Billboard Hot 100 debut with "U-Digg" alongside Lil Baby and 42 Dugg. Despite co-signs from industry heavyweights, Veeze maintains a low profile, carefully curating his releases and creating an air of mystique around his artistry.



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