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Unverified and Unbothered: Doja Cat's Twitter Antics and New Album Teasers

Doja Cat is making headlines again, and this time it's about her Twitter account losing its verified blue tick. Her online behavior has been a topic of discussion for a while now, drawing criticism from various sources, including some of her own fans. However, it seems like Doja is unfazed by it all and continues to post tweets that may seem senseless or even offensive. But what drives her social media antics?

According to a tweet from Doja, she finds joy in engaging in peculiar behavior to make people uncomfortable, particularly those who believe in Illuminati conspiracy theories. Her social media presence is a reflection of her personality, and it's clear that she doesn't shy away from being herself, even if it means being controversial at times.

Despite the backlash she's received online, Doja Cat is determined to focus on her music career. Fans can expect a new album from the rapper soon, as she has been teasing it quite a bit lately. Additionally, Doja recently teamed up with SZA on "Kiss Me," a collaboration that has received a lot of positive feedback from both fans and critics.

To give her fans a preview of her upcoming album, Doja went live on Instagram. While the video was screen-recorded by fans, Doja previewed a few seconds of each song, giving listeners a sneak peek into what they can expect from the album. Although some fans asked for more, Doja only played one second from the beginning and one second from the middle of each song, leaving them wanting more.

But it wasn't just about the music. During the live stream, Doja also showed off her new tattoo while talking to her unseen boyfriend, whom she refers to as "babe." However, she didn't let the serious moment last long, quickly reverting back to her typical trolling behavior by playing hilariously bad beats from YouTube, much to the amusement of some fans.

In conclusion, while Doja Cat's social media antics may be controversial, they're an extension of her personality, which is unapologetically herself. Fans can expect to hear more from the rapper soon, as she continues to focus on her music career and drops her highly-anticipated album.



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