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U.S. Strikes at Houthis in Yemen (Israel-Hamas War)

U.S. forces carried out strikes against Iranian supported Houthi rebels in Yemen, destroying a radar facility. As part of an effort to reduce the militia’s ability to attack throughout the Red Sea.

White House spokesman, John F. Kirby, said “We’re not interested in a conflict of any kind,” he said. “In fact everything the president has been doing has been trying to prevent any escalation of conflict, including the strikes last night.” Also President Biden stated on Friday that the United States was ready to strike Yemen multiple times if necessary so the Houthi rebel group could not advance.

The strikes created a serious escalation of American against the rebels, in th Red Sea. The militia has said they support the Palestinians under Israeli attack in Gaza.

Also Germany vouched for Israel’s in the genocide case started by South Africa at the International Court of Justice. Germany is on record saying there is “no basis whatsoever” to claims that Israel is actually executing genocide currently in Gaza.




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