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To Parent or To DINK!?

Updated: Jan 22

The ability to have children is sacred and people abuse it all the time. There are so many people who shouldn’t be allowed to have kids or should have their kids placed with actual loving parents. And the people that should be having kids it seems they are no longer interested.

They’re called DINK (Dual Income No Kids). So both adults in the house bringing in mad money but they don’t want to spend any of that on kids. That’s fine, to each is own but then can we stop poor people from having kids?. Like how the fuck do people not realize how expensive kids are? Just feeding a pregnant woman alone is more stressful if you broke. And here we are, people with the proper resources get to think it through and avoid it all together.

I love my children and I wasn’t poor and broke when I had them, but the mistake I made was not having enough in the emergency fund for when the world economy collapsed & crashed in on itself. I don’t regret having children but I definitely regret having them before I got wealthy. Being self sufficient and self sustainable isn’t enough when kids are involved, so I understand why some people from my generation and the younger generation are avoiding parenting all together. However, maybe they take some of that extra money and donating it to an orphanage because there are A lot of kids who already exist that need loving parents and a good home.




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