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Exclusive: Tim Vocals on Staying Relevant and Authentic in the Ever-Changing Music Industry

Welcome to this week's podcast newsletter, where we have an exclusive interview with Tim Vocals, underground music legend from Harlem New York. In this episode, Tim talks about his musical journey, his influences, and shares his thoughts on the ever-changing music industry.

Tim Vocals opens up about his beginnings in the music industry, sharing that his brother is his real-life inspiration.

He also mentions receiving a packet of gas from California, which just landed the previous night. Tim goes on to discuss the legalization of marijuana in New York and how it affects artists like himself.

Tim Vocals talks about the importance of longevity in the music industry and how one can easily get caught up in the transient. He mentions how quickly trends can come and go and how artists need to be able to adapt and evolve to stay relevant. He cites Drake as an example of an artist who has stood the test of time and encourages artists to focus on creating music that will last beyond the current moment.

In the latter part of the interview, Tim Vocals reflects on the advantages of being an artist in the digital age, where one can find an audience online without worrying about impressing anyone else. He encourages aspiring artists to keep pushing and working on their craft, reminding them that the internet can be a great equalizer.

That's it for this week's podcast newsletter. Be sure to tune in to our next episode for more exclusive interviews and insights into the world of music.



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