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Tech & Micheal Rainey Jr Recreate Drill in Staten Island (Full Interview)

Tech, Hailing from Staten Island N.Y, had a rough come up. Kvne Sativa pulled up on Tech where he showed us the community center in his hood. Afterwards we went to the roof of a project building so that we could conduct the interview somewhere he could smoke. Throughout the course of the interview person after person pulled up and by the end of the interview about 8 people stood militant on high alert surrounding Tech like bodyguards. We're from the trenches to so we felt right at home.

During the interview we spoke about his come up, upcoming projects and more. He finds peace in the studio and stays out of trouble while making music. However, during his come up running the streets has gotten into him into big trouble. He ended up joining a gang & on two occasions his rash actions landed him behind bars.

He was arrested One time for possession of 3 fire arms and another for assault on an officer. He doesn't want to go back. Dealing with those situations have led to Tech having issues with depression and anxiety. He's always looking over his shoulder and depending on the situation he feels like he's drowning on land. He's always on high alert, rarely letting his guard down. Truly a young street soldier.

After getting in flights traveling back and forth to L.A and other states, he's come to a realization. "Staten Island has a dark cloud around it." In other cities and states he receives love and has manged to networm and make songs with the likes of YBN Jay & Baby Pluto (The Son Of Future). His last project "Back to Back"

was exclusively produced by Micheal Rainey Jr, (actor of Tariq) Star in 50 Cents "Power". Rainey Jr, also a Staten Island native grew up with Tech during their school years.

Tech spits with a quiet aggression on this project with unorthodox flows and unexpected voice inflections. Tech and 22 (Rainey Jr), are into something special and innovative and are on the verge of doing a new trend. 22s long term goals in music are unknown but hopefully we land an interview soon and see what he has planned.

Currently Tech feels like he needs to grind, elevate and remove himself from his immediate area so that he can provide better opportunities for those who were there for him when he had nothing. During the interview his big bro Eli Da Prophet spoke up saying that he'd keeping him on the right track and out of trouble despite his menacing appearance. Eli was wearing a black designer ski mask with a hoodie on and huge iced out chains, looking like he was doing well for himself. Check him out beside Tech below.

We believe Tech is going to be one of this generations next superstars. With an unorthodox sound and strong work ethic, it's only a matter of time before the record labels come crawling! As long as he keeps his head on straight and out of trouble the sky is the limit for this young star. Stay tuned and be sure to be one of the ones that were here before the blow up!



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