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Tahmell: Son of Rakim, Why Legend wont make call to put him on

In the latest episode of our interview series, Tahmell opens up about the complexities of being the son of hip-hop legend Rakim from Eric B & Rakim. Join us as Tahmell shares his candid insights into the challenges and dynamics of navigating the music industry as the son of a rap icon.

🎤 A Legacy to Uphold:

As the son of Rakim, Tahmell carries the weight of a legendary legacy on his shoulders. In this revealing interview, he delves into the unique pressures and expectations that come with being the offspring of one of hip-hop's most revered figures, shedding light on the complexities of forging his own path in the industry.

💔 Strained Relationships:

Despite his familial connection to Rakim, Tahmell shares the sobering reality of his strained relationship with his father and the challenges he faces in garnering support and recognition from him. Through his raw and honest reflections, Tahmell offers viewers a glimpse into the complexities of family dynamics and the emotional toll it can take.

🎵 Navigating the Music Industry:

With aspirations of making his mark in the music industry, Tahmell discusses the hurdles he faces in carving out his own identity and finding success on his own terms. From grappling with the shadow of his father's legacy to overcoming industry barriers, Tahmell's journey is a testament to resilience and determination.

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