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Swae Lee Gets Personal: The Heartbreak That Shaped His Playful Persona

Swae Lee, the father of two, recently spoke about his first heartbreak during a chat with Million Dollaz Worth of Game alongside his brother, Slim Jxmmi. Lee revealed that his first real girlfriend ended things with him when he was around 18 and living in his producer's basement. According to Lee, his girlfriend left him for a truck driver who made roughly $12,000 a month, which was way more than Lee was earning at the time.

Despite this, Lee's girlfriend still allowed him to drive her new boyfriend's car while he was on the road. This experience might have influenced Lee's playboy ways today. The brothers have had their share of women troubles hit the internet, with Slim Jxmmi being arrested in 2022 for allegedly attacking his ex-girlfriend and the mother of his 1-year-old son.

Lee and Jxmmi have recently reunited for a new album, "Sremm 4 Life," after several years of working on their solo careers. Jxmmi has not had much solo success, with his singles not reaching the same heights as his brother's. Nonetheless, the brothers are now returning to group life without any distractions, not even from the ladies.

Today, money is no object for Swae Lee. Celebrity Net Worth reports his net worth to be around $9 million, while Jxmmi brings in the same amount. Despite the ups and downs in their personal lives, the brothers are focused on their music and making a comeback as a group.



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