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Sire Vert Growing Up in Harlem, Recaps Worst Wrestling Match, "Staten Island isn't N.Y!" (Part 1)

🏙️ Harlem Heritage: Step into the world of Sire Vert as she unfolds the pages of her journey growing up in the vibrant streets of Harlem. Part 1 brings you the raw and real account of her roots, providing a unique perspective on life and music.

💪 Wrestling Chronicles: Sire Vert takes you ringside as she recaps her most unforgettable wrestling match. Brace yourself for a tale that combines athleticism, humor, and a touch of chaos – a side of Sire Vert you've never seen before.

🗽 Staten Island Insights: In a candid moment, Sire Vert shares her thoughts on Staten Island, challenging the conventional perception. Get ready for a conversation that breaks stereotypes and gives you a glimpse into the diverse perspectives within the world of New York.

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