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"Gorillaz On The Prowl" SickinTheHead - NPR TINY DESK Submission

I Sat Down with Staten Island's Very Own SickinTheHead To Discuss The Process behind his Submission to the NPR Tiny Desk Contest 2024


"So boom….my boy Alex of FilmsForGrim Productions hits me up late December/early January to tell me about the contest and how we should enter. So we decided along with Amalia, of Malnun Media (who runs my social media) to cook up a plan.

We found the place, invited some friends to participate and help out in shooting. Got some crew shirts made to promote the album along with a printout to stick on a vinyl to make it look real lol (coming soon).

I just had to show up, look good, and show out essentially. It was a lot of fun, and very easy especially when you know everyone and they all want to see you win. I'm very Grateful for my people. We did 3 songs, probably like 15 takes, and submitted one for the contest. Would you believe we had all that energy at like 10am in the morning? Me neither. Everything came out perfect."

Make sure you check out and share SickinTheHead's Contest Entry

And also his new Album Smoking Boots Available On All Platforms.



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