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Saus on Heaven & Hell, Taking Acid Responsibly, Come Up, Music (Full Interview)

Deemoh welcomed us once again into his secret underground studio in Staten Island, New York to interview the final member of his LSD music collective, Saus.

Saus pulled up wearing apparel from sharks NYC, smoking on a spicey fronto filled joint. During the interview we spoke about his come up drug use, heaven and hell, life after death and much more! Press play and check out the full interview below while reading along!

Saus was born and raised in Staten Island with his mother and father separating at a young age. He learned how to hustle from his mother but gets his strong work ethic from his father. His biggest lesson learned in Staten Island was to show love and mind your business. He feels that if you give love you will get it in return and minding your business just keeps you out of trouble. Here at Shaoliiin we are very big into paying it forward and keeping the good vibes flowing.

He started making music in his teen years and started taking it seriously in high school. He started writing rhymes at the tender age of nine, right along the time that he was introduced into poetry in school. His older brother and cousins were writing music in their early years before they fell off and stopped pursuing it. Saus kept the torch and ran with it holding music dear to his heart to this day.

Saus is happy being an independent artist but admitted to us that the most difficult part about it is paying for everything alone. Shooting music videos for 1000 dollars a pop ends up being very taxing on an artists pockets.

We went on to speak about his relationship with Dan moody; a fellow artist and a close friend. He went on to say some pretty questionable things in the interview regarding their friendship but you can check that out in the interview. Check out some of the music videos that they have down below.

He told us that he's a responsible drug user staying to himself and his close friends when he's while on psychedelics. His drugs of choice are weed and acid but he doesn't over indulge. Smoking weed keeps him calm and his trips to the gym are starting to help him vent his frustrations.

He's happy everyday that he wakes up and isn't worried at the thought of death. He just hopes for the wellbeing of everyone around him. he feels that the loss of a close friend would leave an unhealing wound on his heart.

He believes that as long as someones art is being seen or heard they can be immortal. We spoke about life after death and the possibilities of heaven and hell. Check out the video for full details on that. Stay tuned with this rising star on his journey to the top

Check out his music below.




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