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Beast Wars Rise!?

Updated: Jan 13

Transformers rise of the beasts or transformers 7 is the best one from the Hip Hop soundtrack alone. I hesitated from watching it because I was tired of the previous films being terrible, but this one is different. If any of you grew up on Beast Wars then you’ll appreciate this film.

It combines the nostalgia of two different transformer series into one perfectly. They also shows a ridiculous amount of love to Hip Hop since it takes place in 1994 New York, which is the only way we get to see the original towers now, through great CGI. I forgot there were even films before this, the maximals look great and the transformers do as well. The CGi isn’t clunky or goofy and even the humans are somewhat interesting with one character battling sickle cell, and another being a black woman with a fascinating profession that has nothing to do with her body. Peter Dinklage as Scourge was very entertaining. enjoyed this more than I did the first one which is impressive because the first one introduced a new style of CGI storytelling. Pete Davidson does an amazing job as Mirage, shout out to Staten Island. The maximals and terrorcons get it poppin, like they bigger and stronger, it’s incredible. AND THAT AFTER CREDITS Scene will make you gasp if you played with toys in the 90's. Check out Transformers: Rise of the beasts on a Streaming platform near you or rent it from YouTube.



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