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Return of the Real: Legendary Underground Music Concert

Real Hip Hop Is Back. Shaoliiin Entertainment partnered with Method Man's production studio at the Meth Lab Studio in Staten Island For a legendary event that is sure to be remembered. For one special night we brought a bunch the artists that we've interviewed and inducted into the "Shaoliiin Family" under one roof. The acts included 5th Pxwer; son of method man, Tahmell; son of Rakim, & Supreme Intelligence; son of the GhostFace Killah! There were also performances from Kvne Sativa BMC Smoove & Mell Mullah from the BMC family, Flex NYB & Mando , Starda, Frankie Face & Bianca Rose.

The sons of the legendary rap icons & other incredible upcoming artists took to the stage in this underground stadium to bring real hip hop back. The air was filled with weed smoke, the room was dimly lit & walls glowed red. The people gathered around with their flashes on , cameramen had their flashes going off and every artist was eager for their turn at the mic. Vycious Minds C.E.O Tanayah Thomas was networking with artists scouting potential brand partnerships. Music was provided by DJ Girl on the Rocks of Hub 17.

Tahmell started off the occasion with an incredible set, knocking out 6 songs in 8 minutes flexing his crowd control ability early, having the audience learn the chorus before his first beat even dropped. He made it clear that he was hip hop royalty.

Afterwards 5th Pxwer hit the stage wit 2 songs and one unreleased song, "Butterfly". He had the crowd chanting the chorus of the unreleased track by the end of the song. His raspy voice and laidback but heavy stage presence kept the crowd hanging on every word. His powerful energy made it clear that he had become accustomed to the Crown placed upon his head.

Afterwards Smoove and Mell Mula took the stage back to back. The BMC family showed out for their performance with their merchandise on chanting the bars word for word. After preparing weeks for this event Smoove, Mula & the BMC family came together to try and take home performance of the night. The support was genuine, with over 15 people wearing BMC merchandise that night.

Flex NYB and Mando took the stage afterwards, coming out from Harlem and injecting the crowd with newfound energy! Anybody who was ready to leave turned around to get a close up look at this artist. Flex had the crowd bouncing with his Harlem drill flow, making sure he was remanded by everybody in the room.

Starda made a late appearance with Frankie Face. He bursted throught the entry full of energy and stormed the stage! After consulting with the DJ, Starda and Frankie got to work. The crowd was so turnt that even Bianca Rose got back on stage and started whining and grinding on the performers!

Bianca Rose kept the crowd entertained with 3 performances, rap battles and dance battles in between artists. She's been crowned the best host on Staten Island by the locals! Her work with Kvne Sativa was crucial to the events success.

Supreme made a late appearance after working late the same day. After a shot and a joint he was ready to demolish the stage. He started off with an acapella performance to warm up the crowd, performed a crowd favorite and an unreleased song that he's been teasing on Instagram. He even brought 5th Pxwer back out to perform a feature track that they have together! The energy in the room was electric.

C.E.O of Shaoliiin Entertainment, Kvne Sativa closed out with just a single song and a speech. He Spoke of unity and prosperity amongst artists, pleading that egos be put to the side so that artists can form a network of people that support one another. He says that if we have each other we don't need nobody else. Make the wave, and others will hop on. He is clearly a legend in the making.

We strive to create a community of artists in a peaceful and creative atmosphere. We have hopes of changing the world but we need your help. If You want to support, start by Following us on Instagram and Subscribing to our youtube channel!

Stay tuned for our next upcoming event so you don't miss out on the next movie!

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