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Rebirth: Indie Artist Concert Night Highlights!

Shaoliiin Entertainment took over Now & Then bar in Brooklyn, N.Y with some up and coming stars on the rap scene. With over 100 people in attendance it has been our largest concerts to date! Kvne Sativa hosted a league of extraordinary artists to a packed out crowd. He chose some of Shaoliiin Entertainment's past artists of the day and some other hand picked talent to come end the year with a bang.

Exotic Snack and Marijuana distributor Get Smacked Sponsored the event and awarded the 1st 50 atendees with 50 free prerolled joints! (Now & then Bar was super overcharging for food and drinks with one atendee spending $50 for a cup of henny & a burger with fries!)

Some acts included local crowd favorites Mr Meach as well as his cousin Belvedere Lewis. They managed to bring out a small militia of supporters to see them tear down the stage dripped out in some exclusive hypebeast drip. Hailing from Flatbush Brooklyn, Mr Meach felt right at home in the Brooklyn venue with the area essentially being his stomping ground. Belvedere Lewis filled the room with gritty energy and performed the much requested "How Could You", the song that landed him as an artist of the day on our instagram!

Supreme-Intelligence emerged from the shadows of the night after driving over three hours from out of state to tear down the stage! He performed some of his latest releases and crowd favorites like "My Gang". He didn't miss a beat with performances of his tracks being imbued with fresh energy each time, making each performance its own. Those who got to witness the performance of this young star were immediately converted to fans as the bopped to each punchline and flow change.

Chris Ramos kicked things off with a small comedic relief before turning the stage into a full blown dance hall. Chris Ramos had a packed out front crowd vibing and rocking with him as he was dancing and singing his heart out on stage.

His brother Esco Barz, responsible for recruiting his brother and cousin to perform that night, followed up after with his first ever official release, "Time is Money". Even with a couple of drinks in his system Esco managed to hit each bar of his lyrical masterpiece with the upmost precision.

He performed just a single song before passing the mic to his cousin J Stvr whos versatile performance wowed the crowd. He surprised the crowd with his singing voice and melodic flow after switching from a drill vibe!

Members of the Wave 9 collective, Frank Stoney, Surfboy Maxx & Milli all took the mic and mobbed out on stage. They turned the front stage to and organized moshpit! Frank Stoney took to the mic during the height of the night as things were getting hectic & played the role of host to help keep things running smoothly! He also took an opportunity during his own set to bring up fellow Wave 9 affiliate Velly Van Goh.

The energy of this room was contagious throughout as Kvne Sativa offered audience members who came to see the Wave 9 collective direct access to onstage during the performance!

They even flooded the stage during the later sets of the night when Mizzy Provada, a Wave 9 associate took to the mic. No man gets left behind with this collective.

Spitty, a last second entry from Toronto took to the mic to see how the hardknocks streets of Brooklyn would react to his sound. The crowd was chanting "Money Go, Go, Go" and made his song their own by the end of the performance! He was a hit and we were lucky to be able to hold the stage to such upcoming talent.

Flatbush Voice switched up his set last minute to cater to the ladies of the audience with a reggae vibe track Haitian queen along with some other fresh bangers. His delay upset some people but we he ended up having one of the most entertaining performances, jumping into the crowd and singing to a girl just inches from her face!

He Brought out fellow incredible artist Str8 Disrespect to set the stage on fire. His energy was different. When Str8 took the stage he made it his own and made the room feel as if it was filled with a thousand people with the energy he let off.

P. Rose, a Staten Island native entered the fray later in the night after accidentally attending the wrong party! Luckily BMC Smoove found him in time for his performance. His incredible wife and camerawoman managed to take some incredible flicks of the occasion! P. Rose took to the stage with the lyrical precision of a master swordsmith. He made sure every word was felt and it was clear that his agenda was to bring real rap back to reality. Mission accomplished!

BMC Smoove and Mel Mullah traveled all the way from Staten Island to try and make their presence known in the Brooklyn borough. After a 15 minute set room was filled with questions about who these guys were. Brooklyn welcomed Staten Island with open arms. As long as its real raw and relatable, the room is going to rock with you. This is BMC Smooves third appearance at our concert and his lyrical sword and musical ability becomes sharper and stronger each time!

(As we continue to receive pictures of the event we will update them into the article! Stay tuned for this power duos set!)

Though the crowd started to fizzle out into the later 2 am hours but the true lovers of hip hop and supporters of the culture stood until they got kicked out!

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