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Rah Swish Resurfaces with Raw Authenticity in "I Am Not Human"

Brooklyn drill maestro Rah Swish makes a triumphant return to the rap game with his latest single, "I Am Not Human." After a brief hiatus, Rah delivers gritty truths about the cutthroat nature of relationships in the industry. His unfiltered lyrics lay bare the challenges of navigating a world where authenticity can be scarce.

In the opening lines, Rah sets the tone, reflecting on the trials of the rap lifestyle. He delves into the harsh reality where once you're considered official, you become a pawn for others. The track pulsates with the raw energy of someone who's seen the darker sides of success, emphasizing that the climb to the top often comes at the cost of genuine connections.

The second verse exposes Rah Swish's personal struggles, addressing the pain of loss and the isolation that success can bring. "I Am Not Human" becomes a poignant narrative of an artist grappling with the complexities of fame. Rah channels his frustrations and sorrows into a commitment to excel in the game, embodying the ethos that there's no love at the top.

The focus track, "ENORMOUS," featuring Damedot, adds another layer to Rah's narrative, showcasing his versatility and musical prowess. As one of the trailblazers from NYC's drill scene, Rah Swish's authenticity shines through in every bar, solidifying his position as a torchbearer for The Woo.

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