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5th Pxwer Emerges from 36 Chambers w/ "Lil Sonny Presents Side A&B (Full Interview)

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Pxwer (Sha Smith), Son Of The Legendary Method Man has been training in silence and is ready to showcase his new artistic abilities!

After a few Showcases and sneak peaks of upcoming/unreleased songs during performances he's done teasing the public. When power takes the stage its clear that the blood of rap royalty flows through his veins and that he's a legend in the making. His lyrical sword is as sharp as ever.

Kvne Sativa hosted the stage to Pxwer, Supreme Intelligence, the son of (Ghostface Killah), & his cousin INTeLL, (son of UGod) all in the same night.

The air was electric as the blood of the next Generation of the Wu Tang Clan took to the stage ready to make names for themselves and pave their own road musically.

Kvne Sativa stopped by the Meth Lab for an exclusive one on one interview where we spoke about his come up, past record labels, potential upcoming music with his father and his goals in the music industry.

Check out the video for the full scoop on how he met Busta Rhymes and other legendary rap icons in studio during his come up as a rap protégé. There's a common misconception that he has everything given to him being the son of an icon but he strives to prove that he capable of accomplishments independent of the help of his fathers legacy. He has to work, rhyme, dedicate time and energy to the craft just like any other artist trying to make it.

He's been quiet since his release of "New Generation (Remix)" featuring Intell, himself & His father Method Man. But with the upcoming release of "Lil Sonny Presents" a musical project consisting of a Side A & Side B. The Project is set to release on 12-17-21 (We are proud to be the first to deliver the news via blog🥷🏿)We spoke about his aspirations beyond music and about how he hopes to venture into fashion and cinema in the future. We even went as far as to speak about existential issues such as life beyond death. Check it out below

Stay tuned for his project release and the rise of this upcoming star. He told us some secret information that we cant give the public but, we can't tell you what it is yet!!! Watch Him closely in the coming months or else you'll miss his rise to Stardom.

Check out His music below and Stay tuned for his next release.



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