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Pop Smoke Mural Leaves Internet Unimpressed "Thats Pop Steam"

Pop Smoke's legacy in the hip-hop world has been a constant reminder of the tragic loss of a young talent. However, recent attempts to honor and celebrate his memory have received mixed responses. Last year, vandals disrespected The Woo's mural, causing widespread outrage. Now, a new mural has caught the attention of social media, and it's stirring up controversy once again.

On Monday (April 17), an unknown artist's mural went viral on social media. Fans are unsure of its location, who created it, or if it was even meant to resemble Pop Smoke. However, the details match up, even though many fans think it looks nothing like the rapper.

Twitter has been buzzing with reactions to this mural, with some poking fun at it and others expressing outright disgust. Unfortunately, due to the mural's unclear location, fans cannot ask around to find more information about the artist's intentions.

Despite the confusion, the mural appears to be located inside a store, and it's worth checking out if you're in the New York area. It's also worth noting that this news comes shortly after the sentencing of a suspect in Pop Smoke's murder, who received a four-year and two-month sentence in juvenile detention for involuntary manslaughter.

Pop Smoke's legacy deserves to be honored in the right way, and this mural seems to be a step in the wrong direction. Let's hope that future attempts to immortalize his memory are more respectful and accurate to the late rapper's image.



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