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OT Dune Creates Magic With "All Night Long"

OT Dune recently reveals a lovers anthem “All Night Long” which takes two of the most popular genres worldwide Afrobeat and Afro-piano that mesh both to procure a smooth tune for anybody to enjoy. It gets two thumbs up from us.

Dune blends his smooth vocals with a pleasant beat to create a nice, ear pleasing single which is also being well received in Nigeria aside from the United States. His overall sound is geared towards much appeal internationally not just nationally so keep OT on your radar.

OT Dune plans to release a music video for his new track in the near future which anticipation is building towards. To put it simply “All Night Long” is a vibe that any demographic of any race or culture can groove with ALL NIGHT LONG! Dune’s catalog is full of pleasant sounding bops that need more attention and love.

Tune in below and add "All Night Long" to your daily rotation.



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