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Mr.Meach "Stay Down till You Come Up" (Pandemic Grind, Brooklyn Streets, Real Love Full Interview)

Updated: May 1, 2021

Mr.Meach learned at an early age that everything isn't what it seems to be in life. Our street team

pulled up on him in Flatbush, Brooklyn N.Y to learn more about his come up to give us more of an insight about the inspirations behind his music. We spoke about life, aspirations in music, his come up, mental issues, upcoming projects and more! Press Play to check out our full interview below and be sure to check out our Youtube Channel!

Being surrounded by many other independent creatives; He learned the value of self identifying at an early age. During the interview he was accompanied by his cousin Belvedere Lewis, also an artist. His Flatbush style has influenced his music heavy. When he rhymes it almost sounds as if he's speaking in cursive. Check out some of the way he uses his lingo in his most popular music video to date below!

This Brooklyn born native was raised by a strong support system with his Mother and his father; learning the value of true love early. He accepts nothing less then full authenticity with everyone that he associates with! His social personality lights up the room when he is in it and he always makes his presence feel known. He's been making music consistently for over 5 years now! Its apparent this artist has a rare flow that gets better with time. Check out this music video from 4 years ago!

Being as wise as he is talented, he knows that life isn't all rainbows and roses. The grind of an independent artist is a rough and lonely path. There are peaks and valleys, rides and falls during progression on the road to success, but if you believe in yourself and stay disciplined you can conquer anything! The pandemic hasn't slowed this artist down one bit! After quitting his job to attend audio engineering school, he learned how to mix master and record his own sound and shoot his own music videos using just his phone! Check out his latest video "Bowflex" below!

Be sure to follow this artist on Instagram @mrrvnger to stay in tune with his latest releases and upcoming shows! Follow him on on all streaming platforms and check out some of his music below!

Here's his latest release H20 on spotify!

What do you think of this artist? Who do you think we should feature next? Comment below!

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Great upcoming artist. He was born with this.

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