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"Mount Vernon Chronicles: I Born drops 'None of Your Bizness'

Dropping heat straight from Mount Vernon, I Born closes out the year on a vibe with his latest banger, "None of Your Bizness." Cooked up by the legendary Heatmakerz, this track isn't just music; it's a soulful expedition through the gritty streets of Mount Vernon, narrated with raw lyricism and a salute to the city's hip-hop legacy.

Feel the pulse of the streets as I Born lays down verses that pay homage to the roots, with lines like "I am to Mount Vernon what The Lox is to Yonkers." This isn't just a track; it's a declaration of presence, a reminder that Mount Vernon has something to say in the world of hip-hop.

The beat is not just a backdrop; it's a symphony of the urban rhythm, providing the perfect canvas for I Born and crew to share their stories. "None of Your Bizness" isn't just a catchy tune; it's an auditory experience, a blend of soulful vibes and street wisdom.

This ain't your average track; it's a lyrical sermon dropped straight from the block. Each verse is a gem of street-smart knowledge, cautioning against letting emotions run wild and keeping it real about the streets.

"None of Your Bizness" is more than a song; it's a piece of Mount Vernon's urban culture, a sonic journey through the struggles, triumphs, and the hustle. Available now on all platforms, this track is a must-listen for those who live and breathe the streets. Follow I Born on the 'gram @Beloved_iborn for all the exclusive drops and updates straight from the heart of Mount Vernon. Don't miss the wave; ride it with I Born.



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