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"Painting Gets Me High" (Matthew Rojas Full Interview)

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Take a step into the shoes of Matthew Rojas as we explain the vision behind his artwork. Rojas is a hidden talent amongst the Midtown Manhattan Scene. This New York native Lives in the culture capital of the world and has soaked up all the energy of his surroundings.

Check out this dope painting he created of Biggie smalls which is currently up sale to the first lucky buyer. Zoom in and check out the attention to detail that this artist puts into his work! Every stroke seems to be executed with the same confidence that the late great Notorious B.I.G flowed with on the mic.

With bold lines and an beautifully chosen amalgamation of colors, he has literally managed to let the viewer "See What He's Saying"! The combination of abstract art and realism blend well in this masterpiece to bring the painting all together.

Recently he's been pushing the limits of his art, using everything as a canvas from liquor flasks to sneakers as seen in the picture above. We got a chance to go first to Rojas's secret underground Art studio in midtown NYC and get a sneak peak at all of his unreleased and unfinished art!

He has even gone as far as trying to make music, which we were lucky enough to get a sneak peak of. He has a more urban modern carefree sound and is still in the process of finding his "rap voice". Sadly he asked us not to release it but maybe we will get a chance to do so in the near future!

We saw a dedication piece to ASAP Yams that he was commissioned for; a purple sky piece that he's currently still working on. We saw numerous canvases that were much bigger that Rojas himself. Rojas and His father personally build their own canvases, which is cheaper than buying the canvases from the art stores such as Micheal's.

Whenever he has an idea he has a means of creating it so he's always working. He doesnt limit himself, the world is his canvas!

He told us that this Inspiration comes from the infamous graffiti throughout the streets of New York. He's inspired by the art around him by what's around him, cartoons and comic books and his favorite painters.

Some of his favorite painters and influences include the great Basquiat, George Condo Knox Martin & a few more. Once doing some research you can see that the his style is a combination and evolution of them all. We have included links to all of their works and biographies in their names!

Some of the comic book artists that he mentioned were Stan Lee, Jim Lee & Todd Mcfarlane. After he saw how far these artists have pushed their craft and what they have accomplished; he was inspired to walk his own journey while learning from theirs.

This mega mashup of super artists has complimented the style of Rojas incredibly. The more he paints the more he pushes the limits of his own style.

Captivating colors and abstract distortions capture your eyes and have you wonder what the meaning of the creation is while simultaneously allowing them to form one of their own. His new era style in combination with his old school influences make you feel like you are trapped in a time machine.

Be sure to follow this artist on instagram @artbyrojas where he keeps you updated with his latest releases art galleries And more! Contact him through DM if your interested in any of the pieces that we have featured here or on his page! Who should be our next featured painter? Comment below!!!!


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