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Men Fake Orgasms too!?

Updated: Jan 13

This maybe news to many, mostly women, but yes men are also capable of faking an orgasm. While it isn’t as easy, it maybe achieved if the sex is unprotected or if your partner doesn’t check the tip of your condom for loads.

New research by Durex has revealed, In a survey of 2,000, 32% of sexually active men admitted to having faked it in the bedroom at some point, compared to 43% of women. The reasons for doing this maybe similar to or exactly the same as why women fake orgasms but everyone has their own story. I haven’t been with that many women in my 19year sexual history, but unfortunately I’ve still had to fake an orgasm here & there either out of boredom, exhaustion or lack of interest.

After my first time I totally understood why women do it, I primarily didn’t want to fuck up the vibe or hurt her feelings and my thought process was "maybe next time will be better". let’s face it, there are enough conspiracy theories relating to our sexual motives without getting paranoid about our orgasmic or anorgasmic capacities. Ultimately, everyone wants to feel good with the person they are getting into bed with. The Big "O" might certainly help, however if you're going to make it the only letter in a prescription for sexual happiness, then we won’t be able to read one another at all.

Morale of the story? We’re all human and let’s be kind to one another especially when we’re naked in front of each other, physically & emotionally. Let us know your thoughts, or comment your "Faking it" stories below.



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