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Lu Dizzy: The New Sound of Connecticut (Losing Father, Come Up, Marriage Full Interview)

There's been a drought in Hartford, CT but Lu Dizzy is here to serve those looking for dope music.

After a few rounds of phone tag, we finally managed to lock him down for an interview (click play below to listen to the full interview while you read!) (Listen in Browser!)

With a lack of artist emerging from Connecticut he gives the state new hope with a distinctive flow and punchlines that shake the room. When he walks in the room he turns heads & that's not just because of his size. His presence and personality demands attention being brought up to be a natural born hustler. His flow is rare in modern times and we are happy he is keeping it alive!

During our interview he told us how he went back and forth to Jamaica & Connecticut coming up until the deportation of his father. From there he moved to east Hartford, keeping the wisdom that his father left him. Growing up by the philosophy that his father gave him "Know what you know and move How you Move!"; he quickly learned the real from the fake and which friends not to make. Very wise advice from the Jamaican OG. Words that he carries to this day.

He started up rapping with his friends competitively in group chats over the phone, ultimately having that be the ignition to his flame. Since then he has pushed his talent and ambition to new heights, taking lunchroom rap battles and evolving then into full fledged on stage performances and radio show airwaves.

This artist isn't even from New York but the Notorious B.I.G influenced him all the same. He says his greatest musical influence is Biggie Smalls, where he gets his main flow from (and a bit of his fashion sense). He gets his punchlines and aggressiveness from Lloyd Banks (from the Infamous G-Unit) & his conscious content from J.Cole. This combination makes for one nasty mashup.

This rapper has made it through a lot and has finally reached a place in his life with his wife where he has obtained mental prosperity. By "playing defense" and staying out of trouble he allows himself to prosper artistically and financially. He's trying to lead by example, living exactly what he raps about.

We were lucky enough to hear a sneak peek of some of his unreleased music and we promise you its super hot flames. This rapper like to play behind the scenes until he is ready but one thing is for sure: He has been working. He told us he had over 30 Unreleased songs! Stay tuned with this artist because he is fast on the rise and you can become a superstar overnight!

You can check out his current favorite single "In My Whip" above and add it to your playlists! It was produced by Trap Beats and the song has been getting great reception from audiences everywhere!

Check out all His latest Music Below and be sure to follow him @Ludizzy on all social media platforms.

What do you think of this artist? Is he the hottest out of Connecticut right now? Comment below and let us know!!!


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