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Loyalty Amongst Family: The Story of LAF "Love Who You Are"

Updated: May 13, 2021

"Be Who You Are. Love Who You Are" - L.A.F

Shaoliiin presents L.A.F. LAF traveled all the way from Allentown, Connecticut to give us the full story on his come up music making process and goals in music. This artists abstract, lyrical and meaningful style drew us in! Check out the Full Interview Below! Press play while you read along.

L.A.F was born in Brooklyn but raised in Staten island. His parents split when he was younger so he spent his weekends with his father in Brooklyn but stood with his mother throughout the week. Coming up in Shaoliiin he learned early to be careful who he lets into his inner circle. He wears his heart on his sleeve so he's wary of who he shares his energy with.

He moved to Allentown Pennsylvania when he was 16.He told us which blocks are considered "the hood". Being to Pennsylvania a few times we've never gotten the impression that its a bad space but looks can be deceiving. Guns are legal out there and apparently everybody is packing heat! LAF says that the people are real gun friendly but he hasn't succumb to that lifestyle.

He got into a car accident where he was hit by an 18 wheeler on the highway where he dealt with a life changing injury. It changed his life forever. While trying to figure out how to continue his life during his recovery. He was caught up playing 2k 16 to get through his injury until his friend Saus; a real lyrical genius and close friend pushed him to start writing rhymes. The rest is history.

His biggest musical influence is lil Wayne during the "Carter 2 era', before his millions of dollars.

LAF is an acronym for Loyal as Fuck originally, however for promotional purposes he rebranded it to Loyalty Amongst Family. He got it through a small situation with a friend a while back where he kept on insisting that he was Loyal as fuck. Saus egged him on sayin "Laf? laf?" hes stuck with it ever since.

His chill demeanor has been obtained throughout the many lessons of life. He's learned to slow down after the crash. Ironically, his most impactful project to date is called "Crash", a single off of his "Crash" project. It gives the most insight into his mind and the emotions that he felt during the recovery.

We spoke about the drugs that he raps about in his music and if he still indulges in them. Check out the interview for the answer. We also spoke about his worst trip on acid and trust us, this story is hilarious! He took two double side acid tabs and well... the rest is in the video!

He has an upcoming project called picking up the pieces; the follow up to "Crash". He plans on flooding the airwaves with a bunch of singles in the meantime. He's been quiet for a while, watching and observing the state of the game to see what he can bring to the table. Now he's finally ready to make some real noise! Stay tuned with this artist on his rise from the shadows to superstardom!

Check out his music below!



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