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Lonny The Street Lawyer And SLS Services Are Making Trends

Street Lawyer Services is a cannabis lifestyle brand that is dominating the east coast market. In 2019, Street Lawyer Services was founded by Lonny The Street Lawyer in Washington, DC. Lonny is a radio personality, high profile criminal defense attorney, and now a cannabis marketing expert. Lonny has utilized his following and expertise in marijuana drug charges to open up cannabis shops in Washington, DC, and Baltimore City with ties to Miami along with New York City. The laws in every state are constantly progressing towards legalization and Lonny has been on the forefront of getting cannabis to the people with his experience in practicing law.

He has represented over 5,000 criminal defendants from drugs, weapons, felony charges of all types and in some cases murder. Graduating from Stanford University and Columbia Law School, Lonny began as a public defender in Baltimore helping people in bad situations, focusing on malpractice. As he spent his days in the courtroom, he began to notice that people were getting excessive jail times for drugs, specifically marijuana.

Noticing the trend, he embraced this new business opportunity creating a podcast to invite lawyers, judges and attorneys to speak to cannabis in the legal system. This podcast slowly earned him the moniker “Lonny the Street Lawyer”, which became the inspiration behind his booming business, Street Lawyer Services, on H Street. Street Lawyer Services is a marketing office for the Law Office of Lonny Bramzon, that utilizes DC’s cannabis culture to promote his legal services.

Trusted by not only multiple notable celebrities but the civilians of the DMV, Lonny The Street Lawyer is a name to not only trust but to also love worldwide. Below is the SLS website where you can check out the movement.



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