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LOE Adde Sat Down With Us For A Candid Interview, Watch Here

The rising star, the M.A.P baby, the Nigerian Nightmare, and the colorful lyricist LOE (Lyrically Over Expecations) Adde chopped it up with us over a bevy of fun topics that even Sexyy Red found amusing. Before you watch the conversation here is why you should tune into LOE.

First, he is a groovy musically gifted rapper who beats up tracks with dip bars and clever world play. Joey Bada$$ and Larry June combined with a bit of that good ole Brooklyn, Brooklyn, Brooklyn spirit defines the smoothness of LOE's talents. Second, his Nigerian heritage and influences from living in Chicago, NYC, and the DMV made him a well rounded artist who can make relatable music to everyone. Third, he's fucking nice as hell on the mic so why not!?

Don't scare the bitches and stand on business by checking out the interview below.



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