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Loe Addé "Theres more Enemies than Friends in the Music industry"

Get ready to dive deep into the gritty realities of the music industry. Loe Addé pulls no punches as he exposes the harsh truths about the cutthroat nature of the game.

🎤 Enemies vs. Friends:

Loe Addé sheds light on the stark reality that often lurks behind the glitz and glamour of the music industry. With candid honesty, he shares his insights into the prevalence of adversaries and the scarcity of genuine allies in the cutthroat world of music.

💥 Navigating the Industry:

From shady deals to fierce competition, Loe Addé provides invaluable insights into the challenges faced by emerging artists trying to make their mark in the industry. His firsthand experiences offer a cautionary tale and a roadmap for navigating the treacherous waters of the music biz.

🚀 Rising Above:

Despite the obstacles, Loe Addé remains undeterred in his pursuit of success. In this segment, he discusses his strategies for rising above the negativity and carving out his own path to greatness. His resilience and determination serve as an inspiration to aspiring artists everywhere.

🔥 Stay Tuned:

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