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Listen: Tymain Robbins - 'Fashionably Late'

North Carolina's Tymain Robbins reveals a cinematic and very bar filled body of work with 'Fashionably Late.' To put it simply this emcee can really rap and through the project you can hear the hunger in Tymain's voice but it's so smooth.

To put a comparison to his sound it would be like if Larry June and J. Cole has some sort of of hip hop lovechild but Robbins still is distinct enough to separate himself from the pack. "Denim Tears" and "Wild Flower" are my two favorites from the body of work.

For some short back ground Tymain Robbins, he is a Hip-Hop artist from Charlotte, NC and captivates audiences with his storytelling and clever lines. Tymain's style places him in a space somewhere between Nas' lyrical ability and Hov's bravado. Throughout his career, Tymain has done collaborations with BET, Footlocker/Footaction, REVOLT and has been featured on social media favorites TheShadeRoom and Hollywood Unlocked with viral freestyles.

A very bright future so tune in below and don't miss out on this gem.

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Sep 29, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Amazing project

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