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Latto Throws Shade at Nicki Minaj During Coachella Performance

It seems like the drama between Latto and Nicki Minaj might be far from over. During her Coachella performance on Sunday, Latto previewed an unreleased song in which she appeared to throw some shade at Minaj..

In the clip, Latto raps, "Bitches acting like they running shit, they really ran through. She thought I would kiss her ass, she mustn't have took her meds." TMZ also reported that after the performance, Latto walked off stage and yelled, "Pussy hoe… Let a bitch know, we tired of the subtweets this year."

This latest diss could be related to the social media feud between the two rappers that began last year when Nicki was upset about her song "Super Freaky Girl" being snubbed by the Grammys. She then roped in Latto by suggesting that if "Super Freaky Girl" wasn't considered rap, then other pop-adjacent rap songs like Latto's "Big Energy" shouldn't be either.

The feud escalated into subtweets, screenshots of private conversations, and Latto even leaked audio from a phone conversation with Minaj.

It's unclear whether this latest diss will lead to a full-blown feud between the two rappers, but it's clear that there's still some tension between them.

We'll be sure to keep you updated on any further developments in this ongoing drama.

Stay tuned for more news and updates on the latest in hip hop!



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