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Welcome to Shaoliiin; Be The Movement

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Kvne Sativa Founded Shaoliiin Ent. in 2018; an Organization dedicated Bringing Light to the Underground Scene. Hailing from Brooklyn, New York by way of Fort Green, this artist is surrounded by talent. Instead of competing for the spotlight he decided to create a foundation focused on bringing artists together from all walks of life. "With all the violence happening in the streets, I figured I'd try to bring people together through a common cause; Music. I've been on both ends of the gun and I didn't like being on either side." a Quote from Kvne Sativa himself.

Most artists go through much more behind the scenes than they are given credit for oftentimes pushing them to extremes. In Urban communities the wrong things are glorified in the streets and we are here to show recognition to the upcoming artists, letting them know that there is more to life then just the streets.

An independent rap Artist Going by the title "Disciple of the 36 Chambers". This New York based Rapper & Producer brings a new school energy to the old school beats. Impactful lyrics and top tier wordplay puts him in a league of his own as he digs deeper into his own unique sound. On his Most Recent Ep titled "The Stimulus Package" He strives to uplift the spirit of humanity by spreading a message of knowledge and power to the people Its a refreshing change of pace from all the auto tune and drill oversaturating the streets at the moment. Our Current Favorite songs are "Spirit Shining Silver" and one of his earlier singles "Nigga Moment".

The fact that he records mixes and masters all his own music has added to the originality an uniqueness of his sound, allowing more of a rugged genuine sound to shine through. Be sure to follow him on all social media and streaming platforms to keep up with his latest work.

"I'm just trying to prove that real artists still exist and I know I'm not the only one. In times like this unity is key to our survival" - Kvne Sativa



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