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Kvne Sativa: A New Age of Lyrisism

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

Kvne Sativa has a Passion for making true art without compromising the integrity of the culture. He incorporates intricate, atmospheric beats Along with impactful lyrics that tell a story to paint a vivid picture for the listener.

Kvne Sativa

Hailing from the Hardknocks streets of downtown Brooklyn, this artist has a first hand perspective of Being on both sides of the gun & the harshness of life's realities. This artist brings Lyricism & intricate flow to the Rap Scene at a time where the game is starting to sound oversaturated by drill and repetitive melodies. By mixing consciousness and street talk he managed to create an innovative sound.

He's coined the genre "Reality Rap". He mixes relatable punchlines with experiences gained through life's tribulations into his music. His progressive sound has landed him playlist listings alongside the likes of Joey Badass, Flutbush Zombies and Action Bronson.

His constant to urge push the boundaries of his sound has allowed him to grow into an extremely versatile artist capable of taking on any kind of track thrown his way. Some have likened his style to that of a new age Wu-Tang Clan.

By Recording and producing his own sound and music videos to selling out Shows of his own curation, he has become a force to be reckoned with in the art and music industry.

Kane was never one to have anything given to him & was never "Rich before he joined the Game" but he has never allowed lack of funds to dehabilitate his vision. All of his productions (audio and visual) are shot, directed or engineered exclusively by him, giving a more personal feel to his work. Instead of making excuses, he makes progress.

Even with the lack of funding and limited toolkit he has managed to create audio masterpieces such as "Karate Chop" & "Float Don’t Swim" Along with intricate and creative music videos such as The powerful short film "Tsunami Wristwear". With the proper push it has only a matter of time before this artist becomes a household name.



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