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Jump For The Judge

Updated: Jan 13

Now, I know we’ve all seen this video surfing around The Internet of this man who hulk leaped over the bench to assault the judge who just sentenced him. Man this guy had Hops like we talking championship MJ, it was crazy.

I feel like that Las Vegas courtroom was very ill prepared to handle this man and his incredible ankles. I mean like did you see how quickly he hopped onto that judge? Like his agility was ridiculous. Please I advise everyone to stay out of the criminal court system. or the legal system in general, but if you find yourself in front of a judge, please do not try and test if they will not shoot you if you try to leap for the judge after she sentences you, this was a big mistake my guy made. Added all kinds of time to his probably already lengthy sentence.



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Alas! Where are the security doing they should watch this. That's the attempt of murder.


That is so sad. Jump on judge this should be a attempt of territory Further news visit. Thanks

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