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inTeLL: 2nd Generation Wu Founder Is Focused (Full Interview)

iNTeLL wont stop working! He is the son of U God, member of the legendary Rap squad the Wu-Tang Clan & the Founder of 2nd generation Wu.

Being born into such a legacy, he knows that he's gonna have a hard time breaking free of the shadows of his predecessors. Instead of letting the accomplishments of his forefathers dawn him he uses it as fuel. In our exclusive one on one interview he detailed his come up, goals, thoughts on manual health, life and death & More! He even told us the full story of him being shot as a child (check before for the full interview.

He has Crescent the emblem of the Wu-Tang Clan is included into the letter e turned sideways into his name and wears it with pride. He rounded up the children of the other members of the wu to form the collective consisting of himself 5th Pxwer, Sun God, Young Dirty Bastard and Pyro . According to 5th Pxwer, 2nd Generation Wu is a collective like Pro Era Growing to have multiple affiliates not just the children of the Wu-Tang Clan.

With the release of "Computers for the Hood" he is ready to embark on new ventures.

He's aware of list of the benefits of being a child of the legendary rap rap group & carries that knowledge as a badge of honor while remaining humble. His work ethic is unmatched coming up with new beats & song releases constantly and consistently with no signs of letting up anytime soon. Check out our interview for the full exclusive story.


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