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Ice Cube says A.I in Music is Bull$&!%

The recent advancements in technology bring undeniable benefits, but it's hard to ignore the terrifying aspects they also present. Lately, we've witnessed a surge in artificial intelligence-generated music, ranging from unexpected artist covers like Drake on Ice Spice's "Munch (Feelin' U)" to posthumous tracks featuring the voices of deceased rappers. This trend has raised concerns among public figures, with Ice Cube being the latest to express his opinions during a recent episode of the Full Send podcast.

When asked about his thoughts on the AI collaboration between The Weeknd and Drake, Ice Cube made it clear that he has no interest in hearing such creations. Despite being told that the track has gained popularity online, he responded assertively, stating that he doesn't want to listen and suggesting that legal action should be taken against those responsible. Ice Cube emphasized that he would sue both the creator of the AI-generated content and the platforms that play it. In his view, using someone's original voice without proper authorization is akin to unauthorized sampling and should be legally addressed.

Other artists have also spoken out against AI, with highlighting the broader risks it poses beyond music. He emphasized the lack of ownership and control over facial recognition technology and voice frequencies, which can lead to various infringements, including identity theft and fraudulent activities.

As concerns about AI and its potential impact continue to grow, artists and individuals alike are raising their voices to protect their rights and maintain control over their creative and personal assets.

Source: Hot New Hip Hop



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