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"Humble Beginnings" at The Secret Pour

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

We took over Brooklyn for the first time of 2023 to bring you an interactive experience like no other! Kvne Sativa turned his birthday to an Artist Networking Party at the Secret Pour bar in Brooklyn & it ended up being a sold out event!

The room was packed wall to wall with artists hungry for their turn at the microphone. To ease the tension, our sponsor High Fashion Smokes & Prints gave out 30 free prerolls of exclusive High Wolves Weed to the crowd. Interactive crowd games were played and the participants were given free merchandise (Curated by Kvne Sativa and Hosted by King Silvy).

The Show was set off by Philly native Super Solah, an RnB artists that now resides in Brooklyn. She took to the stage to serenade the audience with incredible vocals and a calming energy that filled the room.

Afterwards, affiliates of The Easy Way To Life collective took to the stage one by one to move the crowd. The set was begun by Heerah. After some technical difficulties playing her music, everything went smoothly! She kept the crowd controlled through the chaos.

A lit Mizzy Guwap took to the stage to give his best performance to the people. His energy tripled when his EWTL Family Husky took to the stage to shake the room.

Husky changed the energy in the room and had all eyes on himwith a captivating performance before bringing EWTL founder Amm Easy to the stage.

Amm Easy performed some tracks from his independently released ep "Dont Call Me" available exclusively on

After dedicating the performance to his closest friends in attendance he proceeded to give what was considered by many to be one of the best performances of the night!

Upon finalizing his set, he brought out Uncle Shemmy to close out before intermission.

Uncle Shemmy shared some new music and his latest single "Tread Lightly" with the crowd. He captivated people with crowd favorites such as "TGIF" & "Late Night".

After Returning from intermission there were even more artists ready to perform! The afterparty open mic Included performances from producer/rapper Drew Blessed, Special Guest Indigo

as well a performance from new artists Easyway K, Zel Maleke & VHS Papa.

Staten Island Native Omari aka Shaolin Prince took to the stage before heading on the Verrazzano Bridge back home!

So many wanted to perform everyone didn't get a chance to hit the stage! It became a free for all! Battle royale! A battle of the bands!

The Viral gang came through and hijacked the aux cord to close out performances for the night, somehow managing to crowd surf from a 8 inch stage onto 8 people!

Due to the gracious capabilities and patience of DJ Paris for staying dedicated on the ones and twos all night! Stay tuned for our next event coming in spring!

Special thanks to our sponsors Secret Pour Bar, High Fashion Smokes an Prints, UGLY LLC, A Silva Lining Productions & Music Exclusives!



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