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GreyKar: Music, Losing Brother, Police Trouble (Full Interview)

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Greykar an artist Straight from Bagdad, Shaolin sets trends for his generation. The aggression and pain is apparent in his voice when he speaks his lyrics on a track. He's dealt with tragedy, loss, and the struggle of coming up in the hard streets of New York. GreyKar uses the studio to release his mental anguish, spitting everything off the top and never writing a word (we witnessed it ourselves!). This young artists ambition and relentless work ethic piqued our attention so we contacted him.

We stopped in the studio with GreyKar for a Behind the scenes interview. We got to behold first hand how he works in Jungle Room Studio in Staten Island New York. This is our First on the spot interview so please forgive us for the shaky hands and the smoky Lens! In this interview he breaks down who he is, his come up, losing his brother, crazy experiences in the music industry and much more! We got to know a bit about Greykar behind the lyrics and his come Up. Click below to get the full story. Viewer Discretion is advised! (Be sure to follow our Youtube Channel )

As one of the members of the SRT MOVEMENT he has to put on To make sure that he goes hard and keep the name of his fallen soldiers alive. He tattooed his brothers name "2 Shot" on his left forearm to remind himself to believe in himself & to go harder. Underneath all his pictures you will find #LLK2S ( Long Live King 2 Shot) in commemoration to the person that believed in him most.

He's obviously inspired by his spirit because every time he hits the studio he makes at least 3 songs with his relentless work ethic. His Freestyle punch line Flow allows him to walk away with finished products every time dropping music every week.

This New Yorker has an innovative and distinctive flow which separates him from his peers in his generation. His catchy aggressive beats along with nonstop punchline flow keeps you on the edge of your seat while listening. Stunning visuals keep you interested and he’s constantly dropping new music. The sky is the limit for this kid as long as he stays out of trouble!

GreyKar shoots Most of His Visuals with Bestow Films & Got Myself Films. With dozens of songs out this artist leaves no shortage of visuals! The chemistry between him, his videographers and producers is strong. He's stayed loyal on consistent with everybody who has helped him reach his journey so far. That kind of loyalty is hard to come by these days! He doesn't mind investing in himself and his dreams because he knows he meant for greatness. Dreams of making his momma proud, getting out the hood & lacing himself with jewelry motivate this young man to do whatever it takes to make it!

His music is currently available on all platforms! Give him a listen and let us know what you think! Is he Next up? Check out his Music Below!


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