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(Exclusive) Supreme Intelligence: Growing up During Wu Tang Clans Peak

In a recent interview with from Supreme Intelligence, the artist spoke about the significance of family and the role his son, Soul, plays in his life and career. During the conversation, the rapper introduced his son to the audience, highlighting the importance of "Soul" and connecting with his fans on a personal level. Check out the video of our most recent interview below:

The rapper shared that he brings his son with him everywhere he goes, and discussed the reasoning behind this decision. Growing up, the artist often felt left out when his father was busy and unable to take him along on trips and outings. To avoid his son feeling the same way, the rapper ensures that his son is always with him, whether it's a quick trip up the block or a flight to Japan.

When asked about his own experiences growing up in the music industry, the rapper shared that he had no crazy trips or experiences to speak of. He was too young to be alongside Ghostface Killah and his heavy entourage during the peak of Wu Tang's popularity. The tour bus is no place for a child. He reminisced about times spent at the mall with his father with friends and the excitement of everybody getting whatever sneakers they wanted. However, the artist acknowledged that the industry can be a challenging environment for a child, particularly when surrounded by large entourages and groups of people.



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