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Exclusive: Rap Artist Uncle Shemmy on Fear, Fatherhood, and the Lessons of New York City

Welcome to the Shaoliiin Entertainment podcast, where we feature exclusive interviews with upcoming artists from the world of hip-hop. Today, we have a very special guest, Uncle Shemmy, who is taking the industry by storm with his unique style and thought-provoking lyrics.

In this interview, Uncle Shemmy opens up about his fears, lessons learned as a father, and his love for his hometown, New York City. He shares that he is afraid to die, not because he is scared of death itself, but because he has a one-year-old son whom he wants to raise and leave a legacy for. Uncle Shemmy also talks about the importance of compromise and time management, especially as a father. He understands that he has responsibilities and obligations as a man and strives to balance them while still taking time for himself and pursuing his passion for music.

When asked about the biggest lesson he has learned in life, Uncle Shemmy shares that every year, he realizes how much he has grown and how much he still has to learn. He believes in constantly seeking knowledge and trying to be the best version of himself. Finally, Uncle Shemmy talks about his love for New York City, acknowledging that the cost of living can be challenging. Still, he cannot imagine living anywhere else because of the convenience and the people. He is proud of his roots and his ability to navigate the city with ease.

Stay tuned for more exciting interviews with upcoming hip-hop artists.



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