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Exclusive: Monaveli Talks Cancel Culture, Young Dolph, and Staying True to Yourself

Welcome to this week's episode "The Ugly Truth", where we dive deep into the world of upcoming artists. In this episode, we had the chance to chat with Philly-based artist, Monaveli. Monaveli is known for his thought-provoking lyrics and unique sound that blends hip hop, R&B, and soul. In this interview, Monaveli gets candid about canceled culture, the recent tragedy of Young Dolph's death, and the power of social media.

Monaveli starts off the interview by delving into the topic of canceled culture. She expresses her belief that it can be harsh but acknowledges that it's doing more than nothing. She mentions that she doesn't have a hard stance on the matter because it's hard to know the depth of everything. Monaveli also talks about the importance of not judging someone based on their past mistakes, especially if they have grown since then.

Later in the interview, Monaveli discusses the recent tragedy of Young Dolph's death. She expresses his condolences and mentions the impact that Dolph's death has had on his family, friends, and fans. Monaveli also sheds light on the issue of violence in the music industry and how it's essential to address it. She believes that when rappers die, they end up gaining followers on social media, but the good thing about it is that Dolph owned his masters, and the revenue will go towards his family's future.

Overall, Monaveli's interview sheds light on the importance of not judging someone based on their past mistakes, the impact of social media and the music industry's violence. We hope you enjoyed this episode of "The Ugly Truth" and stay tuned for the next one!



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