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DWSN:Humble Beginnings in Southside Queens

🌟 Introduction: Get ready to dive deep into the world of DWSN, the rising star from Southside Queens. In this exclusive interview brought to you by Shaoliiin Entertainment, Part 1 reveals the artist's humble beginnings and explores her candid opinions, making it an unmissable chapter in her musical journey.

🏡 From Southside Queens to Stardom: DWSN takes us on a heartfelt journey through her roots in Southside Queens, providing an intimate look into the early chapters of her life. This segment serves as a powerful testament to the artist's resilience and determination.

🌆 The Bronx Chronicles: Known for her authenticity, DWSN doesn't shy away from expressing her unfiltered thoughts. Part 1 sparks a conversation about her perspective on the Bronx, boldly proclaiming it as the "Worst Borough." It's a candid revelation that adds layers to the artist's narrative.

🎙️ Unmasking DWSN: More than just a musician, DWSN is a storyteller. Part 1 unravels the layers of her personality, providing a glimpse into the challenges she's faced, the inspirations driving her music, and the intricacies of her creative process.



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