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Dont be a Slave to Distrokid

Digital streaming services and labels are taking advantage of upcoming artists! Shoota 93 is Bringing Music back to Basics with a modern day digital spin! He refuses to allow DSPs and Labels to pimp him and hes sharing his knowledge with upcoming artists! In a recent talk wit China Mac on instagram live he explained that artists with a genuine following, no matter how small, can be making money off of their music! Here's how:

Remember the days of when MCs had Sold CDs out of the back of the trunk of the car or at store fronts? Well we are bringing the movement back! In Shoota93's words "Its time to restrategize our operations. As you know streaming services don't pay artists and labels leave them in debt. Today, we need to learn the difference between supporters and fans. By selling music directly to the consumer, you cut out the middle man! Shoota93 Sells Music Directly from his own website and for an extra fee you will receive a hard copy.

As long as you have the hustle behind you you can make more money than you ever would have streaming! 100000 streams only equates to about 437 dollars! If you were to sell 50 albums for 10 dollars each you would make more than that!

If you create a quality body of work your supporters will gladly support you. You dont need everybody to buy, just a few. As long as you have talent and ambition the sky is the limit for you. Stop selling yourself short with these streaming platforms! If you truly believe in yourself others will as well. Check out this video of the conversation below.

Be sure to tap in with Shoota93 on all social media platforms and Check out His new Fact Rap Project!



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