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Does Tyler The Creator have a Daughter

Tyler, the Creator is back — and back to causing trouble. The rapper is readying an Estate Sale of songs that didn’t make his 2021 album, Call Me If You Get Lost, and led things off today with the boastful “Dogtooth.

” (One of many choice flexes: “I pull up in the ‘What the fuck is that, dawg?’”However, the greatest shocker wasn't the new Tyler. At the conclusion of the track, he appeared to drop a bomb: “If you don’t know my daughter name, then we ain’t really,” he rapped, cut off by the hook. Has Tyler been hiding a child?! If “Dogtooth” is a discard from Call Me If You Get Lost, which he released in summer 2021, how long has he been a parent? And if we don’t know Tyler’s daughter’s name, well, what does that mean?

Tyler’s publicist had no comment on the line, but the rapper himself quickly clarified things on Twitter: “i dont have kids and dont plan on it hahaha.” In other words, if you don’t know Tyler’s daughter’s name, you’re fine. But you should know that Call Me If You Get Lost: The Estate Sale is out now!



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