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Dan Moody "Do It Yourself. Don't Overthink It" (Full Interview)

Live From the Slums of Shaoliiin, we met up with Dan Moody!

We linked up in Deemo's secret underground studio in Staten Island, New York to get the full story behind his come up and the motivation behind his music! He was completely transparent and was actually up for an impromptu interview on the spot! He dropped some real gems during our talk. Check out the full interview live below!

Dan Moody was born and raised in Staten Island New York. Unfortunately he lost his father at the age of 16. He started seriously making music in 2018 with his first official release being in 2019. Prior to pursuing his own music career he managed an artist by the name of Frank Castle.

During his management career here learned the importance of having a team. He told us that even though you have a team, if you want something done right you gotta do it yourself! Check out some his music below.

He told us about his craziest experience in the music industry at the Mayan theatre in California, where he shared the stage with the likes of The Wutang Clan and Mos Def. He says his influences in music come from all the classic N.Y greats such as Nas and Jay z but is also heavily swayed by rock sounds such as blink 182 Juice WRLD and a few others.

He dropped a music video shot by NAF for his song Spacey Produced by Cynical. He tells us the whole story behind the inspiration of the song in the interview! Check out the visual below.

He told us that the biggest struggle of an independent artists is the fact that the artist has to pay first for everything but is always the last one to get paid. A frustrating process that he tells us is worth it.

During the interview he told us about the different drugs that he talks about in his music. He says that acid is his drug of choice. it increases his creativity and allows him to make music in a free state of mind. sometimes h will take a tab and hit the studio to record a few songs during his trip.

He even went deeper into depth telling us about his first experience smoking DMT. For all the interviews on his trips check out the interview video. Watch “Devil Dance“ Below; a real trippy song from Brogod Bellagio and Dan Moody.

He tells us that his most impactful song to date is called “Autopilot”. Moody detailed blacking out after taking Xanax while driving one of his closest Deemo to a doctors appointment (more details in video). He's never touched one since.

Dan Moodys advise for other upcoming artists?

Invest in yourself. Don't overthink it just do it. Stay true to yourself. Dan says he wants to change a life with his music and one day have generational wealth.

Dan is currently working on a tape called ”Mood Swings”. an album with a bunch of different vibes. Stay tuned and follow this artist on his journey from the underground to superstardom! Check out some of his music on Spotify below!



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